LimeChat and Microsoft’s AI-Powered Chatbot for E-Commerce Customer Support

Nikhil Gupta, Founder of LimeChat, expressed the transformative potential.
January 11, 2024
LimeChat and Microsoft

On Thursday, LimeChat, a human-level chatbot startup specializing in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Microsoft, introducing a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot tailored for e-commerce customer support.

This innovative venture leverages the capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to deliver an enhanced, efficient, secure, and personalized customer service experience, marking a significant milestone in the realm of e-commerce support solutions.

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Nikhil Gupta, Founder of LimeChat, expressed the transformative potential of this collaboration, stating, “Partnering with Microsoft elevates customer support standards. By harnessing Microsoft Azure’s retrieval algorithms, embedding models, and LLMs, we’re transforming customer interactions significantly.”

At the core of LimeChat’s latest offering is the Agent Assist feature, a sophisticated tool designed to equip support agents with deeper AI-driven insights. This enhancement allows agents to address complex queries a remarkable 20% faster, streamlining the customer support process and elevating overall efficiency.

Sangeeta Bavi, Executive Director, Digital Natives, Microsoft India, praised LimeChat’s disruptive influence in the e-commerce sector and highlighted the collaborative effort to redefine customer service using the power of AI. “Our collaboration fueled by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service is designed to empower every business to achieve more with AI,” Bavi added.

The hybrid support automation system introduced by LimeChat comes with a range of key advantages for businesses engaged in e-commerce. These include cost-effective customer support solutions, improved customer satisfaction metrics, heightened customer loyalty, and the potential for revenue growth. The collaboration between LimeChat and Microsoft aims to set new standards in the e-commerce customer support landscape, providing businesses with powerful tools to enhance their customer interactions and support capabilities.

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