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Krishna Bahadur Mahara to be Released Without Bail

March 22, 2024
Krishna Bahadur Mahara

Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the former Speaker and Vice Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center), is set to be released without bail under certain conditions amid an ongoing investigation into alleged involvement in a gold smuggling case.

Mahara’s arrest in Bhairahawa came following recommendations from the Gold Smuggling Probe Commission, signaling a significant escalation in the probe.

The Kathmandu District Court had previously permitted authorities for a four-day remand of Mahara to aid further investigation, a period that concluded on Thursday.

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However, citing health concerns, Mahara was permitted to remain hospitalized, leading to his admission to Norvic Hospital, where he has been receiving medical attention.

During his time in custody, Mahara cooperated with authorities, providing a statement at the public prosecutor’s office, reiterating his assertion of innocence in the gold smuggling case.

Both the Crime Investigation Bureau and the public prosecutor’s office have meticulously recorded Mahara’s statements regarding his alleged connection to the gold smuggling affair, indicating a thorough examination of the matter.

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