Former Speaker Mahara Denies Involvement in Gold Smuggling Case

March 21, 2024
Krishna Bahadur Mahara

Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the former Speaker of the Parliament and Vice Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) has once again asserted his innocence regarding the gold smuggling allegations.

After being admitted to Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu for medical treatment after his arrest, Mahara stated the Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Thursday. Mahara’s detention occurred amidst suspicions linking him to a gold smuggling scheme, prompted by recommendations from the Gold Smuggling Probe Commission to pursue legal action against him.

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Following his arrest, the Kathmandu District Court has permitted Mahara to continue his medical treatment at the hospital.

In compliance with the court’s directive, the CIB is presently investigating the matter while allowing Mahara to undergo treatment at the hospital.

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