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Holi Celebrations Sweep Across Nepal’s Hills

March 24, 2024
Nepal's Hills Holi

BIRATCHOWK – The vibrant colors of Holi are filling the hilly districts of Nepal as Fagu Purnima, the festival of colors, is celebrated with enthusiasm. Traditionally, the Terai districts will observe Holi tomorrow, Monday, with the government granting public holidays under regional customs.

The origins of the festival are believed to stem from the cutting of the Chir, a decorated rag, at Kathmandu’s Hanumandhoka Palace on Falgun Shukla Ashtami. This year, the Chir Thadya took place on the 4th of Chait.

While referred to as Fagu Purnima in the Himalayan and hilly districts, the festival takes on different names according to the region: “Holi” in the Terai-Madhesh, and “Fagua” or “Hori” in Maithili-speaking areas. Janakpudham, the capital of ancient Mithila, observes a unique tradition of celebrating Holi the day after the internal circumambulation.

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A symbol of equality and harmony, Holi washes away differences and inspires unity across the diverse religious communities of Nepal, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Mongols, Kirant, and Rai. The festival fills hearts with joy and signifies the triumph of truth over falsehood, integrity over deceit, and righteousness over evil

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