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Nepali Runner Gopi Chandra Parki to Compete in London Marathon

April 10, 2024
Gopi Chandra Parki

Nepali athlete Gopi Chandra Parki is set to embark on an exciting journey as he gears up to compete in the prestigious London Marathon. Bid farewell to him at a ceremony held in the program hall of the National Sports Council (Rakhep) on Thursday were Nepalgunj Marathon president TS Thakuri, member secretary Tankalal Ghising, and other dignitaries.

Scheduled to depart on Friday, Gopi’s eyes are set on the London Marathon, which is slated for April 22. His selection for this esteemed event comes on the heels of his triumph at the ninth Nepalgunj Marathon.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Nepalgunj Marathon and Nepal Run UK, the opportunity for Gopi to participate in the London Marathon unfolded. While Rakheap will provide him with the necessary air tickets, Nepal Run UK will extend support to ensure his smooth navigation in London.

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