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10 Arrested in Kathmandu Narcotics Drug Bust

April 10, 2024
Arrested in Kathmandu

The Narcotics Control Bureau has announced a series of arrests targeting a drug ring operating in Kathmandu. Among those arrested is 72-year-old Pramanand Mehta, considered a central figure in the brown heroin trade. He was apprehended on April 2nd alongside a buyer. Police seized 72 grams of brown heroin from the pair.

The crackdown also included the arrests of several other individuals:

  • Nabin Dhital, 34, was arrested on April 1st with 14 grams of brown heroin.
  • Indian citizen Bikas Kumar was caught on April 3rd with 15 grams and 500 milligrams of brown heroin.
  • Sanjay Limbu, 26, and Bikas Mandal were arrested with 24 grams and 850 milligrams of brown heroin.
  • Four additional individuals: Dhiraj Kumar, Dhiraj Kumar Sah, Suresh Tamang, and Chhiring Tamang.

Bureau spokesperson Rameshwar Karki confirmed that all suspects are being investigated for drug-related offenses.

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