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“Gaushala 26” Files Complaint Against Social Media Identity Disclosure

'Gaushala 26,' alleges a gross violation of her right to privacy.
January 11, 2024
Gaushala 26 Complaint

In a recent development in the Sandeep Lamichhane rape case, the victim, known as ‘Gaushala 26,’ has officially filed a complaint with the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) against individuals who have been publicizing her identity on various social media platforms.

The complainant, ‘Gaushala 26,’ alleges a gross violation of her right to privacy and dignity, accusing these individuals of engaging in internet-related crimes by sharing sensitive information about her on social media platforms.

The complaint has been lodged at the CIB, with Senior Superintendent of Police (SP) Pashupati Kumar Ray confirming an ongoing investigation into the matter. The authorities are actively pursuing leads to identify and take action against those responsible for the unauthorized disclosure of the victim’s identity.

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In a parallel development, the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has taken swift action against one of its cadres for his involvement in publicizing ‘Gaushala 26’ through social media channels. In a statement released on Facebook, the party cited a lack of sensitivity in the use of social media as the primary reason for the suspension of the party member.

The RSP’s move underscores the importance of responsible social media usage and the consequences for those who violate ethical standards in their online activities. The party’s decision to address the matter publicly also serves as a reminder to individuals and organizations about the potential legal consequences associated with compromising the privacy and dignity of individuals involved in sensitive cases.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Lamichhane, the cricketer at the center of the rape case, has been convicted and sentenced to eight years in jail. The legal proceedings against him have concluded, and the victim’s focus has shifted towards protecting her privacy from unwarranted exposure on social media.

As the CIB investigation progresses and the legal system takes its course, this case highlights the broader issue of respecting the privacy and dignity of individuals involved in sensitive legal matters, urging the public to exercise caution and responsibility when sharing information on social media platforms.

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