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Collaborative Effort Revives Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium Project in Chitwan

Renu Dahal, the Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolis, revealed in a recent cabinet meeting.
January 11, 2024
Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium

In a significant development for national sports infrastructure, the construction of the Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium in Chitwan, initiated by the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation, is set to resume with collaborative investments from the federal government, Bagmati Province government, and the Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

Renu Dahal, the Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolis, revealed that in a recent cabinet meeting, the federal government has approved this cooperative initiative, breathing new life into the stalled project.

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Highlighting the national importance of the project, Dahal emphasized the need for acquiring land under the Lease Act, requiring approval from the Council of Ministers.

Under the collaborative agreement, the federal government is committed to providing budgetary support in the form of a grant, ensuring the successful completion of the Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium. The revised plan includes securing land for the stadium for a 40-year term under the Lease Act, eliminating the speculative land acquisition provision.

Bharatpur Metropolitan City is gearing up to advance the project by finalizing a land agreement with Tribhuvan University and Agriculture and Forestry University. Mayor Dahal outlined a phased approach, with the initial stage focusing on completing the playground and parapet, making the stadium suitable for national-level games.

Initially, the agreement with the metropolis stipulated a state government contribution of Rs. 750 million in the first phase. However, Mayor Dahal revised the cost estimate, indicating a total expenditure of one billion for the comprehensive completion of the stadium. Provisions have been made for federal government subsidies in case of budgetary shortfalls, ensuring financial support to bridge gaps.

The Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation had halted construction two years ago due to a Rs 190 crore debt, causing a prolonged pause in the project. Recognizing the Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium as a vital endeavor for the metropolis, Chitrasen Adhikari, deputy head of the metropolis, expressed optimism about the accelerated pace of work now that the federal government has approved.

The revival of this sporting facility is poised to make a lasting impact on the region’s sports landscape, providing a state-of-the-art venue for cricket enthusiasts and fostering a sense of community pride in Chitwan. The collaborative effort signals a renewed commitment to advancing national sports infrastructure and highlights the positive outcomes achievable through effective public-private partnerships.

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