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Four Arrested for Cutting Precious Bodhichitta Tree

April 15, 2024
Bodhichitta Tree

Police in Kavrepalanchok have arrested four individuals for their alleged involvement in the destruction of a valuable Bodhichitta tree in Roshi Rural Municipality-5 Nagbeli. The suspects, identified as Prabhat Tamang, Shyam Krishna Mainali, Man Bahadur Tamang, and Durgalal Tamang, are all locals.

The incident occurred last Thursday night when a group of approximately 20 people, armed with weapons, reportedly used explosives to cut down the Bodhichitta tree in Thakurani Tamang’s garden. The timing of the felling, while the tree was in bloom, is significant as its seeds fetch high prices – reportedly up to 3 crores rupees this year. Residents were reportedly terrified by the actions of the group.

Two suspects, Prabhat and Man Bahadur, were arrested the same day. Prabhat was detained in Banasthali, Kathmandu on Saturday, while Mainali and Durgalal were apprehended in Banepa, Kavrepalanchok on Sunday. The two initial detainees are under extended investigation, and the others will also be investigated further.

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Alarmingly, police discovered four socket bombs around Thakurani Tamang’s house, which were defused with the help of the Nepali Army in Dhulikhel. The search continues for additional individuals involved in the crime.

The Bodhichitta tree and its mala (prayer beads) hold deep religious and cultural significance within the Tamang community, as well as Tibetan and Chinese societies. The destruction of this tree is, therefore, a matter of serious concern.

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