Former Brazil Star Robinho Arrested for Rape, Faces Nine-Year Sentence

March 22, 2024
Brazil Star Robinho

Former Brazil international football sensation Robinho, aged 40, has been arrested at his residence in Santos to commence a nine-year prison sentence for his involvement in a heinous crime. This follows his conviction two years ago in Italy for his role in the gang rape of an Albanian woman at a nightclub in Milan back in 2013.

The Brazilian government’s decision to detain Robinho comes after the Italian authorities’ persistent efforts to secure his extradition proved futile. In a recent development, a court in Brazil has not only affirmed the extradition request but has also decreed that he should serve his sentence within the confines of a prison, denying any possibility of house arrest.

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This action, upheld by a Supreme Court judge’s refusal to halt Robinho’s detention, marks a significant stride in Brazil’s justice system. Many within the local media have applauded the decisive move, expressing concerns that Robinho’s prominence and affluence might enable him to elude justice.

Robinho, a revered figure in Brazilian football circles with an illustrious career spanning over a decade, earned international acclaim with 100 caps for his national team. His tenure at AC Milan during the time of the crime stained his reputation irreversibly, culminating in his unsuccessful appeal in 2020 and subsequent confirmation of the sentence by Italy’s highest court in 2022.

Following the legal proceedings in Italy, international prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Robinho, leading to his apprehension in his homeland. Despite vehemently declaring the encounter as consensual in an interview with a Brazilian network last Sunday, the gravity of his conviction and the pursuit of justice have finally caught up with him.

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