Sandeep Lamichhane Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Rape

Also includes a mandatory compensation of 500,000 rupees.
January 10, 2024
Sandeep Lamichhane

In a landmark verdict, the Kathmandu District Court has sentenced renowned cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane to an 8-year prison term after finding him guilty of rape. The verdict, delivered by Judge Shishir Raj Dhakal, also includes a mandatory compensation of 500,000 rupees to be paid to the victim.

The court had previously convicted Lamichhane, and the announcement of the fine and sentence was slated for January 10. The decision comes under the provisions of Section 219 (2) of the National Penal Code Act, 2017, which categorizes engaging in sexual intercourse without consent or with a girl child below eighteen years, even with her consent, as rape. Section 219 (3) outlines the corresponding imprisonment terms based on the circumstances and age of the victim.

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Given the court’s earlier declaration of Lamichhane’s guilt and the determination that the victim is not a minor, expectations were high that Lamichhane might face a jail term ranging from seven to ten years.

Contrary to the petitioner’s demand to declare Lamichhane guilty of the rape of a minor, the court clarified that the victim was not a minor at the time of the incident.

The sentencing has sent shockwaves through the cricket community and the public, as Lamichhane was considered one of Nepal’s rising cricket stars. The legal proceedings have sparked intense debates, with opinions divided on the severity of the sentence and the court’s interpretation of the victim’s age at the time of the alleged crime.

Sandeep Lamichhane has the option to appeal the verdict, and his legal team is expected to make a statement regarding their course of action in the coming days. The case has brought attention to issues surrounding consent and the legal complexities in addressing sexual assault cases, prompting renewed discussions on the need for comprehensive reforms to safeguard the rights of victims and ensure justice is served.

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