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Chitwan National Park’s Iconic Devi Lake Faces Dire Threat

April 11, 2024
Devi Lake

Chitwan National Park’s largest and most important water source, Devi Lake (Devi Tal), is shrinking rapidly, threatening the critical habitat and wildlife of this unique ecosystem. Once a haven for rhinos and other animals, the lake now struggles under drought conditions, encroaching grassland, and dwindling conservation funds.

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“Devi Lake is usually filled with water, supporting 5-10 rhinos at all times,” said retired park official B.S. Rampreet Yadav. “The current condition is alarming.”

The lake’s degradation is compounded by spreading wildfires in the park during the dry season. Smoke from the Chure area hangs over Devi Lake, where the water level is critically low and grasslands now cover much of the lakebed. Experts fear that this vital resource could soon be lost altogether.

“Devi Lake, along with other ponds in the park, are essential for rhinos, tigers, and our rich biodiversity,” explained Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, Chitwan Park Information Officer. “Without proper management, the lake could turn into grassland, and then ultimately forest, destroying this unique habitat.”

Compounding the crisis, conservation budgets for lake and grassland management have been slashed in recent years. This dire situation underscores the urgent need to increase funding and prioritize preserving the ecological balance of Chitwan National Park.

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