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Chaiti Chhath Festival Concludes in Mithila Region

April 15, 2024
Chaiti Chhath Festival

The Chaiti Chhath festival, a significant celebration in the Mithila region, concluded this morning with devotees offering ‘argha’ to the rising sun. This marked the end of the four-day festival, characterized by fasting and rituals.

The final day began with devotees who had been fasting since the completion of the ‘Kharna’ ritual on Saturday night. They concluded this year’s Chaiti Chhath festival by offering ‘argha’ to the rising sun in the morning. The ‘Paran’ (closing) ceremony was performed as devotees offered water salutations at sunrise.

The Chhath festival is celebrated twice a year, during the autumn and spring seasons. This year’s celebrations have now concluded. Devotees stood in water bodies such as ponds, rivers, and wells, offering prayers to the setting sun on Sunday evening and the rising sun on Monday morning. The Chaiti Chhath festival is observed for four days, with devotees wishing for peace, prosperity, and longevity for their families.

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