Ambar Bahadur Bista Elected Speaker of Koshi Province Assembly

Bista's election as the Speaker is expected to bring stability.
January 9, 2024
Ambar Bahadur Bista

Biratnagar, Tuesday – In a unanimous decision, Ambar Bahadur Bista of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has secured the position of Speaker of the Koshi Province Assembly, announced Deputy Speaker Srijana Danuwar during today’s Provincial Assembly meeting in Biratnagar.

Bhakti Sitaula, leader of the RPP parliamentary party in Koshi, proposed Bista as the Speaker and the proposal was seconded by Prem Raj Thamsuhang. The support from both the ruling coalition and the main opposition CPN-UML played a crucial role in Bista’s uncontested election.

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The atmosphere at the Provincial Assembly meeting was marked by a spirit of cooperation, as members from various political affiliations expressed their support for Bista’s candidacy. The decision to go unopposed reflected a consensus among the political spectrum, highlighting a commitment to fostering unity and collaboration in the governance of Koshi Province.

Bista’s election as the Speaker is expected to bring stability and efficiency to the proceedings of the Koshi Province Assembly. With the backing of both the ruling and opposition parties, Bista enters his role with a broad mandate and the potential to facilitate constructive dialogue among the diverse political voices in the province.

The newly elected Speaker expressed gratitude for the support received from his colleagues and emphasized the importance of working collectively to address the challenges facing Koshi Province. As he takes on this significant responsibility, Bista aims to promote transparency, inclusivity, and effective governance for the benefit of the province and its residents.

The Koshi Province Assembly is now poised to move forward under the leadership of Speaker Ambar Bahadur Bista, setting the stage for a period of cooperation and collaboration among political parties for the betterment of the province and its people.

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