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Weather Changes Expected Across Nepal, April 21st

April 21, 2024
Weather Changes Nepal

Biratchowk, Nepal– The Weather Forecasting Division of Nepal has issued a weather advisory for the entire nation, focusing on the Koshi Province. The report indicates changing conditions throughout the day due to westerly winds and localized weather patterns.

Currently, residents of the hilly areas in Koshi Province are experiencing clear skies, with partly to mostly cloudy conditions present in other locations. Later today, the hilly regions of Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali may see partly cloudy conditions develop, while different areas remain clear. Some areas within these three provinces may experience light rain showers accompanied by thunder and lightning. In the high hills and Himalayan regions of the same provinces, light snowfall is possible.

Residents of the Terai areas within Koshi and Madhes Provinces should be prepared for possible storms later this afternoon.

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Overnight, partly cloudy conditions are expected across Koshi, Madhesh, Bagmati, Gandaki, Lumbini, and Karnali provinces, with generally clear skies elsewhere. Storms could develop within the Terai areas of Madhes, Koshi, and one or two locations in the plains of Lumbini.

The Weather Forecasting Division encourages residents to remain aware of the latest weather information and take precautions as needed.

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