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Two Killed in Itahari Motorcycle Accident

March 9, 2024
Itahari Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident at Khanar Chowk in Itahari sub-metropolis-12 tragically resulted in the deaths of two individuals. The victims were identified as Bipin Dahal (23) and Abhi Dahal (8) from Belbari-8, Morang.

Sunsari Deputy Superintendent of Police, Naveenkrishna Bhandari, confirmed that the motorcycle the victims were riding collided with an oncoming truck. The motorcycle (Pra. 1-02-041 P 6619) was traveling from Biratnagar to Itahari, while the truck (Pra. 1-02-001 Ka. 4578) was moving in the opposite direction.

Both motorcycle riders were critically injured and sadly passed away during treatment at the hospital. The truck driver, Pradeep Koirala (30), from Itahari-2, is in police custody as the investigation continues.

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