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Three Tigers Perish at Parsa National Park

April 1, 2024
Parsa National Park

Biratchowk, Koshi Province– Parsa National Park (PNP) has experienced a devastating loss with the deaths of three tigers held in captivity over recent months. Two males and one female, originally rescued from Chitwan National Park and the Thori region of Parsa, have succumbed to suspected illness.

Most recently, an 8-year-old male tiger, brought to PNP after a rescue operation in Chitwan National Park, tragically perished. PNP Information Officer, Santosh Bhagat, confirmed the tiger had been ill for several days before being found dead in its enclosure.

This follows the deaths of two additional tigers within the last two months. The Parsa National Park Administration speculates that their demise was likely caused by illness stemming from confinement within a cage only intended for two tigers.

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“The prolonged captivity after their rescue proved fatal for these tigers,” stated PNP Chief Conservation Officer, Ram Chandra Khatiwada.

The deaths highlight potential shortcomings in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation procedures at Parsa National Park. A 2022 census identified 41 Royal Bengal Tigers within PNP, making conservation efforts for this endangered species even more critical.

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