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Successful Test Run Marks Milestone for Nilgirikhola-2 Hydropower in Myagdi

February 9, 2024
Nilgirikhola-2 Hydropower

In a significant development, the Nilgirikhola-2 Hydropower Project has successfully conducted the test run of its transmission line, marking a crucial milestone in the project’s journey towards providing clean energy to the region.

Situated at Narchyang, Annapurna rural municipality-4 in Myagdi district, the 71-megawatt capacity hydropower project is a venture by Nilgirikhola Hydropower Limited. The test run, which commenced on January 29, covered the transmission line stretch from Dobhilna, Annapurna rural municipality-4, to Dana, Annapurna rural municipality-3.

The 220 kV transmission line’s test transmission from Dobhilna to Dana has been declared successful by Upendra Gautam, the official representative of Nilgirikhola Hydropower Limited. The process involved the active participation of a technical team from the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), ensuring the seamless flow of electricity through the network.

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The generated electricity from the Nilgirikhola-2 project is now being fed into the Central Grid through the Dana sub-station. The 7.4-kilometer-long transmission line, extending from Chhotepa to Dana via Dobhilna, has been meticulously constructed to meet the highest standards.

The powerhouse of the 42-megawatt-capacity Nilgirikhola First Hydropower project is strategically located at Chhotepa. Despite the successful test run of the transmission line, the project tunnel trial is still underway and is expected to continue until February 27.

The Nilgiri First Hydropower Project has achieved an impressive 80 percent completion rate. The switch yard, an essential component for efficient power distribution, has been constructed at the powerhouse premises for both projects.

The overall estimated cost for the two run-of-the-river type projects stands at Rs 13 billion, underlining the significant investment made in sustainable and clean energy infrastructure in the region.

As the Nilgirikhola-2 Hydropower Project progresses, it promises not only to meet the growing energy demands of the area but also to contribute to the broader national goal of enhancing clean energy capacity in Nepal. The successful test run signifies a step closer to achieving this goal and reinforces the commitment to environmentally friendly energy solutions.

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