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Biratchowk Startup Aims to Create Nepal’s All-in-One Web Portal

Niriv's journey will be fascinating to watch.
May 18, 2024

Biratchowk, Nepal – A new wave is coming to Nepali internet users, and it’s being spearheaded by Biratchowk-based startup Niriv. Founded in July 2021, Niriv is building a comprehensive web portal to become the ultimate hub for Nepali digital interactions.

While currently in development with a public search engine already available, Niriv’s vision extends far beyond basic search functionalities. Inspired by South Korea’s Naver, the platform is poised to offer a one-stop shop for Nepali internet users, integrating features like online shopping, email, social networking, news, and even a UGC (user-generated content) blogging platform.

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This ambition to centralize the Nepali web experience is a bold philosophical move by Niriv. In a country witnessing a constant rise in internet users, the lack of a localized, one-stop platform for information and services has been a persistent challenge. Niriv seeks to bridge this gap by offering a familiar, user-friendly portal reminiscent of the “good old days” of web portals, but with a modern twist.


“Imagine a single website where you can find everything you need online,” says Yukesh Chaudhary, Niriv’s founder and CEO. “Search for information, shop online, connect with friends, read the news, even start your blog – all within one domain. We want Niriv to be your convenient one-stop shop for digital things.”

Niriv’s commitment to user trust goes beyond convenience. Recognizing the growing problem of misinformation online, the platform will prioritize curated news sources and verifiable government information, ensuring users encounter only reliable content.

But Niriv doesn’t stop there. They plan to incorporate an AI-powered search engine specifically tailored for Nepali users, further enhancing the information-seeking experience.

With a comprehensive approach encompassing search, services, and user-generated content, Niriv aspires to become the central nervous system of the Nepali internet. Their journey is still in its early stages, but the vision is clear: to empower Nepali users, streamline their online interactions, and foster a trusted digital environment for all.

Simply put “Niriv is an Internet web portal and search engine startup based in Biratchowk, Nepal, currently under development. Their goal is to become the ultimate all-in-one hub for Nepali internet users.”

While the concept of a centralized hub for search, services, and user-generated content is certainly attractive, some questions linger.

Can Niriv truly deliver on its grand promises?

There’s no denying the convenience factor. Imagine a Nepali user, overwhelmed by scattered websites, finding everything they need – news, shopping, social interaction – under one roof. Niriv’s focus on curated content and AI-powered search caters to the growing concern over misinformation, a significant win for Nepali internet users.

However, skepticism arises. Niriv’s success hinges on critical factors. Building and maintaining a platform of this scale requires immense resources. Can they compete with established players in each integrated service (e.g., shopping giants, social media networks)?

Another concern is user adoption. Will Nepalis, accustomed to a diverse online landscape, readily switch to a single portal? Niriv’s success depends on building trust and offering a unique and valuable user experience.

Niriv’s journey will be fascinating to watch. It has the potential to revolutionize the Nepali internet landscape, offering unparalleled ease and trust. But navigating the complexities of a fragmented market and competing with established players will be its true test. Niriv’s success could lie in striking a balance – offering a platform that complements, rather than replaces, the existing digital ecosystem.

Only time will tell if Niriv becomes the central nervous system of the Nepali internet or remains a well-intentioned but fragmented dream.

Aditya Chaudhary

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