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Bardiya Sizzles Under Brutal Heatwave

May 18, 2024
Bardiya Heatwave

Bardiya residents sweltered on Saturday as scorching temperatures gripped the district. Afternoon highs soared to a staggering 42 degrees Celsius, prompting doctors to urge people to stay indoors unless necessary.

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The intense heat has confined residents to their homes, leaving the streets eerily deserted, resembling a ghost town under curfew. This scorching summer has seen a rise in heat-related illnesses in Bardiya, with the most vulnerable being children and the elderly, according to Dr. Bishwanath Prasad Shah, a district hospital physician.

“We’ve advised residents to avoid unnecessary outings during the peak heat hours,” Dr. Shah said, highlighting the dangers posed by the extreme temperatures that consistently hover between 40 and 42 degrees.

The relentless sun has disrupted daily life, with even office foot traffic significantly reduced due to the unbearable heat. “The streets are like burning pans,” lamented 69-year-old local Nasif Sharif Siddiqui, reflecting the collective misery of the populace.

Dr. Shah reported a surge in patients seeking treatment at the district hospital, with over 300 visiting daily for heat-related ailments.

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