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Simpal Kharel: A Nepali Star with Cross-Border Appeal

March 27, 2024
Simpal Kharel
Photo: Simple Kharel's Instagram

Few musicians transcend their geographical origins. Simpal Kharel is a captivating exception, finding success both in her native Nepal and across the border in India. This Bhaktapur-based artist seamlessly blends Nepali and Hindi songs, expanding her audience and solidifying her status as a rising star.

Kharel’s talents extend beyond singing. She’s a gifted composer, model, and lyricist ready to conquer new musical territories with planned releases in English. Her digital presence boasts impressive figures: millions of YouTube views, subscribers, Instagram followers, and monthly Spotify listeners.

Simpal Kharel
©️ Simpal Kharel

Kharel’s success isn’t limited to music. As a content creator on TikTok, YouTube, and Reels, she connects with fans on topics like beauty and fashion. This multi-faceted approach further strengthens her unique digital identity.

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Despite her young age, Kharel’s spiritual upbringing plays a significant role in her artistry. Raised in a devout family, her love for bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) is evident. This passion sets her apart from many artists her age. Her renditions of popular bhajans like “Radha Rani Lage” (nearing 90 million views) resonate with audiences across Nepal and India.

Simpal Kharel
©️ Simpal Kharel

“I sing what I’m passionate about, and it brings me deep satisfaction,” Kharel says, underscoring her devotion to music. Her diverse talents and spiritual influence make Simpal Kharel a compelling figure to watch in the world of music.

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