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Nepal’s Samip Aryal ranked No. 1 in Facebook’s White Hat Hall of Fame

February 24, 2024
Samip Aryal
Photo: Samip Aryal's Facebook

Meta, the parent company of the popular social network Facebook, has recognized Samip Aryal, a young talent from Nepal, as the foremost cybersecurity expert for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities within its platform.

On Friday, Samip Aryal, the cybersecurity expert, revealed that Meta acknowledged his significant contribution by placing him at the top of the White Hat Hall of Fame. This recognition comes after Aryal uncovered a critical security flaw capable of compromising Facebook accounts with just a single click.

Aryal explained, “I identified a vulnerability that could potentially allow taking control of any Facebook account with just one click or even zero clicks. After reporting this account takeover vulnerability to Meta, they acknowledged my findings and bestowed upon me the number one rank for the year 2024 in their Hall of Fame.”

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He elaborated on the nature of the discovered weaknesses, stating, “I found a vulnerability that could compromise a Facebook account either by sending a link (one click) or without sending any link (zero click). Both of these vulnerabilities were promptly reported to Facebook, leading to the company’s recognition.”

Aryal emphasized the importance of addressing the two-factor authentication bypass to enhance the overall security of Facebook. He cautioned, “A weakness in two-factor authentication bypass on Facebook could result in unauthorized access. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and address this issue to ensure the safety of user accounts.”

Notably, Aryal had previously achieved the 27th rank in the White Hat community in 2023 after identifying security flaws in Facebook. His expertise extends beyond Facebook, as he has received awards for uncovering vulnerabilities in other prominent platforms, including Google, the social network Imo, and the OTT platform Netflix.

Aryal’s involvement in cybersecurity research has been recognized globally. He highlighted his participation in a cybersecurity research conference organized by Facebook in Singapore in 2021, where four individuals from Nepal, including himself, engaged in discussions and shared insights.

Currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrochemical Communication at Kathmandu University, Samip Aryal’s achievements underscore the importance of global collaboration in ensuring the security and integrity of online platforms.

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