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Rajesh Hamal to Host ‘Yo Nepali Shir Uchali’ his new TV Show

April 5, 2024
Rajesh Hamal

Beloved actor Rajesh Hamal is set to launch a new television program, ‘Yo Nepali Shir Uchali’, exploring the dreams and triumphs of Nepalis living around the globe. A teaser video for the program was released on Thursday, and while an exact premiere date is pending, the show is expected to air every Friday at 8 pm starting in the Nepali New Year 2081.

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Viewers can catch ‘Yo Nepali Shir Uchali’ on Himalaya Television or via the ‘Sajha Katha’ YouTube channel. Hamal has been developing the concept for several years, inspired by his travels and encounters with Nepalis in various countries.

Yo Nepali Shir Uchali Rajesh Hamal

Earlier in the year, Hamal expressed his intention to share the inspiring stories of struggle and success he’s witnessed. The program’s teaser reinforces this, as Hamal states, “This program will be the real story of the dreams and struggles of Nepalis scattered all over the world. There will be a combination of good deeds, self-respect, and potential. It will become a document of experience and motivation.”

Hamal’s passion is evident: “After watching the program, you will also want to say like me, this Nepali has raised his head.”

‘Yo Nepali Shir Uchali’ marks Hamal’s return to television after a three-year hiatus. He is known for previously hosting successful programs like ‘Jaatko Prashna’, ‘Ko Bancha Crorepati’, and ‘Wai Wai Quiz’.

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