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President Ram Chandra Paudel Inaugurates Bridge in Chitwan

March 30, 2024
Ram Chandra Paudel

President Ram Chandra Paudel has made his way to Chitwan for the grand opening of a newly constructed motorable bridge, linking Devghat rural municipality-5 of Tanahu with Bharatpur Metropolis-1.

The Chairman of the Bridge Construction Consumers’ Committee, Tankanath Paudel, shared the news that President Paudel will also be laying the foundation stone for a new building designated for senior citizens in Devghat, Tanahu.

The construction of this significant motorable bridge commenced nine years ago. Ramesh Prasad Paudel, the chief of the Road Division Office in Bharatpur, revealed that the project has been completed at a total cost of Rs 216 million.

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