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Parashu Pradhan, Renowned Nepali Author, Dies at 80

March 19, 2024
Parashu Pradhan
Photo: Online Khabar

Beloved writer and storyteller Parashu Pradhan passed away at the age of 80 at his residence in Baneshwor. His body will be kept at Radha Mohan Marga-20 in Baneshwor until 9 am today for those wishing to pay their respects. His son, Prateek Pradhan, editor-in-chief of Bahrakhari Online, has announced that the funeral rites will be held at Pashupati Aryaghat at 9:30 am.

Born in Bhojpur in 2000 B.S., Pradhan was a renowned figure in Nepali literature, known for his contributions to prose, particularly stories and novels. His literary journey began in 2016 B.S. with the publication of ‘Haseki Ti Chandrama’ in Chahari magazine. While initially drawn to poetry, he later found his voice in fiction, with 13 published collections of stories to his name.

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