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Netflix Features Chitwan’s Rhinos in ‘Our Living World’ Documentary

April 22, 2024

A one-horned rhino wandering Sauraha, Chitwan gains international fame. Netflix documentary ‘Our Living World’ captures the scene, but faces criticism for its non-Nepali soundtrack.

The unique sight of a one-horned rhinoceros roaming the busy streets of Sauraha, Chitwan has captivated audiences worldwide. This phenomenon gained international attention and became the subject of a Netflix documentary within the ‘Our Living World’ series.

Netflix Features Chitwan's Rhinos
Netflix Features Chitwan’s Rhinos / ©️Netflix

Narrated by Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett, the documentary explores the coexistence between rhinos and villagers in Sauraha, alongside footage of the surrounding settlements and reserve area. The Guardian praised ‘Our Living World’, calling it “a rare ray of hope” in nature documentaries.

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The documentary is now streaming on Netflix. However, some viewers have expressed disappointment over using a Punjabi song in the opening scene, believing a Nepali song would have been more authentic and fitting.

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