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Nepal Playing T20 Warm-Up Match Against Canada Today

May 27, 2024
Nepal vs Canada Warm Up

The ICC T20 World Cup is heating up, and Nepal is ready to kick off its preparations with a warm-up match against Canada today! The action begins at 9:30 PM Nepali time at the cricket ground in Dallas, USA.

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This match will be the second official T20 encounter between the two sides, with Nepal securing victory in their previous clash on February 21st, 2022. Both teams will be eager to test their skills and put their final strategies in motion before the World Cup begins.

Currently, Nepal sits comfortably at 17th in the ICC T20 rankings, while Canada occupies the 23rd position. However, rankings won’t determine the outcome on the pitch. Cricket fans can expect a thrilling match as both teams fight for a winning start to their T20 World Cup preparations.

Following their encounter with Canada, Nepal is set to face the USA in another warm-up match scheduled for May 30th in Dallas. The stage is set for an exciting week of cricket as Nepal gears up for the prestigious T20 World Cup!

Yukesh Chaudhary

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