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KMG Chairman Kailash Sirohiya Faces Court Today

May 27, 2024
Kailash Sirohiya

Kailash Sirohiya, Chairman of the Kantipur Media Group (KMG), is set to appear in court today, marking the third attempt by Dhanusha Police to extend the deadline for their investigation into allegations of citizenship acquisition fraud. Sirohiya was arrested on May 21 and has since been the subject of intensive legal scrutiny.

The Dhanusha District Court has previously granted two extensions, each lasting three days, to allow the police more time to investigate the case. However, Sirohiya’s legal battles have been complicated by his health issues. On the day of the second extension, he was admitted to Kavya Hospital in Janakpurdham, where he is currently receiving treatment.

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“We are assessing Sirohiya’s health status closely,” stated DSP Ranjan Awa, spokesperson for the Dhanusha police. Despite suffering from high blood pressure and cardiac issues, the police are committed to ensuring his presence in court. Initially examined at a provincial hospital, Sirohiya was deemed stable by doctors, but subsequent tests necessitated his transfer to Kavya Hospital for further treatment.

Access to Sirohiya has been heavily restricted, with media barred from direct contact. This restriction has sparked speculation on social media, with some suggesting that his hospitalization is a tactic to evade detention. Such rumors have drawn widespread criticism and intensified public interest in the case.

As the legal proceedings continue, today’s court appearance will be critical in determining the next steps in the investigation. The Dhanusha police remain vigilant in their efforts to balance Sirohiya’s medical needs with the legal requirements of the case.

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