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Nepal Celebrates Buddha Jayanti, Marking the 2568th Birth Anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama

May 23, 2024
Buddha Jayanti Nepal

Nepal joins the global Buddhist community today in celebrating Buddha Jayanti, the 2568th birth anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism and a revered symbol of peace.

Buddha Jayanti, which falls on the full moon day of the Nepali month Baisakh (May), commemorates not only Gautama’s birth but also his enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (death). Buddhists across the country, filled with devotion and reverence, participate in prayers, teachings, and celebrations to honor his legacy.

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This year’s theme, echoing an age-old message of Buddha, is “Non-violence: The Cornerstone of Peace and Friendship.”

Observances and Traditions

Monasteries, viharas (Buddhist monasteries), and chaityas (shrines) across Nepal are bustling with activity. Lamas, religious leaders, and Buddhists gather for prayers, meditation, and discourses on the Buddha’s teachings.

The government has encouraged citizens to celebrate Buddha Jayanti by lighting lamps (similar to Diwali) in their homes this evening.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, along with Swayambhu and Bauddha, renowned Buddhist pilgrimage sites, are expected to see a surge in visitors participating in special programs and ceremonies.

Born 2568 years ago on the full moon day of Baisakh Shukla in Lumbini (present-day Rupandehi district), Siddhartha Gautama’s teachings continue to inspire millions across the globe to seek peace and enlightenment.

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