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Nainital Accident: Deceased were returning home after work

April 9, 2024
Nainital Accident

Seven Nepali workers who died in an accident in Nainital, India were returning home following the completion of a water supply project. The incident occurred in the Betalghat area of the Nainital district.

The workers had been involved in a pipe-laying project in Mallagaon Uchakot. On Monday evening, after completing their work, they booked a jeep to begin their journey back to Haldwani.

According to local police, the accident occurred shortly after the jeep departed. The vehicle, carrying nine workers and the driver, suddenly veered off the road, potentially due to a loss of control on a slope. Eight people, including seven Nepalis and the Indian driver, died in the accident.

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Two Nepali workers, Shanti Chaudhary and Chotu Chaudhary, are currently receiving treatment for their injuries at Tiwari Government Hospital in Haldwani.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to DSB Hospital Nainital for post-mortem examinations. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Names of Deceased:

  • Rajendra Kumar (Driver, Indian)
  • Bishram Chaudhary (Nepali)
  • Antram Chaudhary (Nepali)
  • Gopal Basnet (Nepali)
  • Uday Chaudhary (Nepali)
  • Binod Chaudhary (Nepali)
  • Tilak Chaudhary (Nepali)
  • Dhiraj Chaudhary (Nepali)

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