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Monsoon arrives early in Nepal starting June 10th, 2024

June 10, 2024
Monsoon in Nepal early

The monsoon season has arrived in Nepal three days earlier than usual, according to the Department of Water and Meteorology’s Weather Forecast Division. The monsoon entered the eastern Koshi region today, June 10th, 2024, and is expected to spread westward throughout the country over the next few days.

Gradual Spread Expected

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While monsoon rains have begun in the east, meteorologist Sanjeev Adhikari cautions it may take a few more days to reach the far western regions. This explains the recent heatwave in western Nepal, including Kathmandu Valley, which has seen little rain. The Weather Forecast Division previously warned of these hot conditions until June 10th.

More Rain Likely This Year

The Department of Water and Meteorology predicts a higher chance of above-average rainfall this monsoon season, ranging from 35 to 55 percent. This is due to the current “La Nina” conditions in the Pacific Ocean, which typically bring more rain compared to “El Nino” events. Last year’s El Nino effect resulted in less rain and more heat, as predicted by the department.

Increased Risk of Floods and Landslides

With the possibility of more rainfall, the department warns of an increased risk of floods and landslides. They advise taking necessary precautions to stay safe during the monsoon season.

La Nina to Weaken Later in Monsoon

The South Asian weather department expects La Nina’s influence to remain neutral during the first two monsoon months (June-July). However, it’s expected to return in the following two months (August-September), potentially leading to even higher precipitation.

Monsoon Season in Nepal

The monsoon typically arrives in Nepal around June 13th and lasts until October 2nd. Last year, the monsoon arrived one day late and stayed for 124 days, departing on October 28th.

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