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Ministry of Health Cracks Down on Exploitative and Illegal Health Facilities

May 4, 2024
Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and Population has taken a firm stance against health facilities that violate patient rights or operate without authorization. The Ministry’s pledge to enforce regulations directly responds to complaints about exploitation and illegal practices within the healthcare sector.

“We will take strict action against those who jeopardize the well-being of patients,” asserted Undersecretary Ekdev Khanal. “Health facilities must adhere to standards and obtain proper permissions.”

Khanal stressed that Rule 12 (2) of the Public Health Regulation, 2077 empowers the Ministry to impose punitive measures on offending facilities, regardless of their private or charitable status. The Ministry encourages patients to file complaints if they suspect a health facility is operating illegally or unethically.

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The crackdown includes a focus on facilities like autism therapy centers and child clinics, where instances of unauthorized operation have been reported.

The Ministry’s actions aim to ensure that healthcare in Nepal is safe, regulated, and accessible to all who need it.

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