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Meta Expands AI Chatbot Testing to WhatsApp and Instagram in India

April 14, 2024
Meta AI WhatsApp

Biratchowk, Nepal – Facebook parent company Meta is expanding its testing of an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, potentially called Meta AI, to WhatsApp and Instagram in India. This move signals Meta’s commitment to integrating advanced AI capabilities into its popular social media platforms.

Chatbot Capabilities

The Meta AI chatbot aims to be a versatile AI assistant, capable of:

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  • Answering a wide range of questions
  • Providing real-time information
  • Generating text and images
  • Summarizing information
  • Assisting in writing-related tasks
  • Translating languages
  • Creating creative content like poems

On Instagram, users can interact with Meta AI through a dedicated Direct Message (DM). In WhatsApp, the chatbot is being tested with select users.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the company’s ongoing development and limited public testing of generative AI experiences. Integrating these AI capabilities aligns with Meta’s goal to become a leader in the AI space and potentially enhance the user experience of its apps, which boast over a billion users in India alone.

The Meta AI chatbot leverages a custom AI model and is built upon the company’s open-source large language model (LLM), Llama 2.

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