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Nepal Implements Mandatory Tracking Chips for Mount Everest Climbers

March 3, 2024
Tracking Chips for Mount Everest
Photo: Dmitry Pichugin

To enhance safety on the world’s highest peak, Nepal will require all Mount Everest climbers to use tracking chips beginning in the 2024 climbing season. This measure aims to reduce search and rescue times in case of accidents, explains Rakesh Gurung, director of Nepal’s tourism department, in an interview with CNN.

Climbers will pay $10-15 to rent the GPS-enabled tracking chips, which will be sewn into their jackets. Upon their return, the chips will be returned to the government for future use.

While some reputable climbing companies already employed tracking technology, the new regulation makes it mandatory for all climbers. This move comes as Nepal, home to eight of the world’s ten tallest peaks, seeks to improve safety in its lucrative mountaineering industry. Scaling Mount Everest carries a hefty price tag – approximately $35,000 or more – and significant risk.

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