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Maha Jodi Apologizes for Comments on Kailash Sirohiya Ongoing Case

May 27, 2024
Maha Jodi

Veteran comedic duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Harivansh Acharya, popularly known as Maha Jodi, have issued an apology regarding their comments on a case currently under court proceedings of Kailash Sirohiya.

In a video titled “Our Opinion” posted on Facebook, Maha Jodi acknowledged their mistake in speaking about the ongoing case. The apology comes after criticism arose on social media following their remarks about the arrest of Kailash Sirohiya, chairman of Kantipur Media Group, on May 21st for alleged citizenship offenses.

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Shrestha explained that they were having a casual conversation at Bricks Cafe when the topic of Sirohiya’s arrest came up. He admitted to feeling hesitant about commenting on the sensitive legal matter. Acharya echoed this sentiment, stating, “We made a mistake by speaking on a topic under court consideration.”

The comments made by Maha Jodi during a Kantipur Television interview following Sirohiya’s arrest had drawn criticism online. The duo has now expressed regret for their remarks, acknowledging that they spoke without fully understanding the complexities of the case.

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