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Kantipur Chair Kailash Sirohiya Hospitalized Amid Custody

May 25, 2024
Kailash Sirohiya

Kailash Sirohiya, Kantipur Media Chair detained over a citizenship case, has been hospitalized due to high blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

Sirohiya, who had been in police custody for four days, was admitted to the provincial hospital in Janakpur on Friday evening due to health complications. Known to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues, Sirohiya experienced headaches, throat discomfort, and chest pain, prompting the administration to hospitalize him.

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However, the provincial hospital lacked the facilities for necessary neurology and other tests. Dr. SK Singh reported that Sirohiya’s condition was alarming, initiating tests whose results were still pending.

Sirohiya was arrested from the Kantipur office on Tuesday and transported to Janakpur by the police. Though he was in stable condition until Friday afternoon, he developed health issues while in custody. After his heart rhythm irregularities and throat ringing became apparent, his family insisted on immediate hospitalization. The administration faced criticism for the delayed response.

Raman Karna, Sirohiya’s lawyer, expressed dissatisfaction over the delay despite timely information about his client’s condition.

Sirohiya claims his arrest was retaliatory, linked to Kantipur’s reporting on Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane’s alleged involvement in a cooperative fraud case.

On Friday, the Dhanusha District Court extended Sirohiya’s custody for three more days. According to advocate Karna, legal professionals question the lack of investigation into another individual allegedly associated with the citizenship number issue.

Both domestic and international organizations have voiced concern over Sirohiya’s arrest, calling for his prompt release.

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