Kaligandaki Exploitation Threatens Shaligram Conservation

March 25, 2024
Shaligram Conservation

Despite a Supreme Court ban on river product export, illegal extraction continues in Nepal’s Baglung-Kaligandaki River, endangering sacred Shaligram fossils. Baglung Municipality has halted contracts, but residents report nighttime smuggling using heavy machinery.

The unregulated exploitation has altered the Kaligandaki’s course, threatening nearby settlements. Former sand extraction workers, who depended on this income, now struggle to find employment. They call on the government to provide alternative livelihoods as they witness ongoing illegal operations.

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This environmental damage poses a significant threat to the conservation of Shaligram. Locals demand action, despite police efforts to seize vehicles involved in illegal extraction. Deputy Superintendent of Police Madan KC urges the public to report any black mining activity to protect the river’s resources.

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