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Judsheetal being Celebrated in Madhesh to Welcome the New Year

April 14, 2024
Photo: Onlinekhabar

The Madhesh province is celebrating Judsheetal today, a festival that welcomes the new year with blessings of coolness, happiness, peace, and prosperity. As part of the festivities, elders sprinkle water on the heads of younger family members, symbolizing their wishes for a positive and fulfilling year.

The festival also emphasizes care for nature. Trees are watered and fields fertilized, reflecting the importance of providing comfort in the face of rising summer heat.

Judsheetal’s traditions are believed to “cool the mind” and promote success, particularly for children. In some areas, the day involves playful water fights. Special dishes are also prepared as part of the celebrations.

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The Madhesh government has recognized the significance of Judsheetal by declaring it a public holiday.

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