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JN.1 Covid Sub-variant Spreading in Nepal, Ministry Urges Precautions

January 14, 2024
JN.1 Covid Sub-variant Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal – The newest sub-variant of the coronavirus, JN.1, is showing signs of increasing spread in Nepal, raising concerns among health officials. The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has urged residents to exercise caution and follow preventive measures to curb the transmission of the highly transmissible variant.

Dr. Rudra Prasad Marasini, Director of the Epidemiology and Diseases Control Division under MoHP, confirmed the higher transmission rate of JN.1 compared to other variants. He clarified, however, that the fatality rate and complications associated with the infection are low.

The JN.1 sub-variant was first detected in Nepal on January 8th, with seven out of sixteen samples tested at the National Public Health Laboratory showing positive results. This suggests a significant presence of the variant, particularly in crowded urban areas.

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In response to the rising infection rate, the MoHP has issued a call for increased vigilance and adherence to safety protocols. This includes wearing face masks in public spaces, maintaining physical distance, and practicing frequent handwashing. Additionally, the Ministry has strengthened screening measures at entry points across the country.

“We understand the fatigue surrounding pandemic precautions,” Dr. Marasini said, “but with the emergence of a new variant, it’s crucial to remain vigilant. By following these simple measures, we can effectively control the spread of JN.1 and protect ourselves and our communities.”

The MoHP is closely monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as needed. Residents are encouraged to stay informed about the latest developments and adhere to the recommended safety guidelines.

Key Points:

  • JN.1 sub-variant of Coronavirus showing increasing spread in Nepal.
  • Higher transmission rate compared to other variants, but low fatality rate.
  • MoHP urges residents to follow preventive measures like masking, distancing, and handwashing.
  • Enhanced screening at entry points was implemented.

Call to Action:

  • Stay informed about the latest developments regarding JN.1.
  • Follow the recommended safety guidelines to protect yourself and your community.
  • Seek medical attention if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

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