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Jeep Accident in Mugu Kills Two, Injures Four

March 27, 2024
Jeep Accident in Mugu

A jeep accident in the Mugu district of Karnali Pradesh has resulted in two fatalities and four injuries. The jeep, with license plate number Karnali Pradesh 02 001 Ja 0059, was traveling from Gamgadhi to Tarapani when it crashed around 4 pm on Wednesday near Kachhe in Soru Rural Municipality.

The victims have been identified as the jeep’s driver, Kabiraj Nepali of Soru-7, and a 25-year-old passenger, Kusum Nepali of Soru-2. All injured individuals have been transported to the district hospital, with one reported to be in critical condition. The jeep was carrying a total of six people.

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