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Massive Fire Ravages Homes in Rangeli Santal Settlement

March 17, 2024
Rangeli Santal Fire

A catastrophic fire tore through the Rangeli-3 Babusahab Tol area of the Santal settlement in Morang district on Saturday, March 16th, according to the local police office in Rangeli. The blaze, which erupted around 2:30 PM, tragically destroyed 19 homes.

Thankfully, Superintendent of Police (SP) Buddhi Chaulagain reported that no casualties were reported. Firefighters from Kankai, Rangeli, Belbari, Pathari-Sanischare, and Sundar Haraicha Municipalities displayed immense courage, battling the flames for three hours.

With the assistance of the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and the local community, they were finally able to extinguish the fire. An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the blaze.

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This devastating fire has left 25 families displaced. The local authorities are expected to provide further details on the extent of the damage and any support offered to the affected families.

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