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Electric Fire Destroys Two Homes in Diktel, Khotang

March 20, 2024
Electric Fire Diktel Khotang

Two houses in Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality, ward number 12, Jalpa, were destroyed by a fire caused by a power outage early Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out around 1:30 am, engulfing the homes of Bhim Rai and his father, Bhagat Rai. Bhagat Rai’s two-story house, constructed with zinc sheets, was completely burned. The fire also destroyed stored grain, clothes, documents, and other belongings. Inspector Benu Karki, spokesperson for the Khotang District Police Office, estimates the damage to Bhagat Rai’s house to be around three lakhs.

Bhim Rai’s house, also a two-story structure with a zinc sheet roof, sustained damage in the fire, according to police.

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