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Elderly Couple Found Murdered in Kavre

May 22, 2024
Murdered in Kavre

A married couple has been found murdered in their home located in Mahadevtar, Kavre district. The victims have been identified as 60-year-old Man Bahadur Bal and his wife, 50-year-old Kekaimaya Bal, according to Rajkumar Shrestha, a District Police Office spokesperson.

Authorities discovered the bodies in separate rooms within the residence. Bal’s body was found in the shop area, while Mrs. Bal was found in the kitchen. Police suspect both victims were struck in the head with a heavy object.

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“The cause of death appears to be homicide,” DSP Shrestha confirmed. “However, the investigation into the identities of the perpetrator(s) and their motive is ongoing.”

The couple reportedly lived alone in the house, which had an open door when authorities arrived. A team comprised of officers from the District Police Office, Phoksingtar Police Station, and the Devitar Area Police Office is currently investigating the scene.

The murders are believed to have occurred on Monday night. Locals became concerned after noticing the couple’s absence from a Tuesday afternoon puja ceremony. Upon checking their residence, they discovered the bodies and alerted the police.

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