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East-West Electric Railway Line in Sarlahi Nears Completion, Facing Delays

The current phase focuses on laying the base of the railway track.
May 11, 2024
Railway Line in Sarlahi

The construction of the East-West Electric Railway Line, a national pride project, is 90% complete in the Sarlahi section. However, the project is facing delays due to several factors.

Engineer Bhuvneshwar Yadav, the project’s information officer, confirmed that 30 kilometers of track have been laid from the Banke River in the east to the Bagmati River in the west. The current phase focuses on laying the base of the railway track, which is expected to be completed by the end of the fiscal year.

Despite the contractor company increasing the pace of work due to the approaching contract deadline, progress has been hindered by the Sagarnath Forest Project and Murtiya Forest Office, who have halted tree cutting due to a dispute over compensation with some farmers in Hariwan Municipality-5. This dispute has caused the progress in that area to stagnate.

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The Railway Project Office Lalbandi recently awarded a contract for tree felling, but there are concerns about completing the work on time due to the delay. Additionally, the project’s pace has slowed down recently due to budget constraints and pending payments to the contractor company.

Despite these challenges, the project has made significant progress in the past six years since its inception in 2074/75.

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