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Director Sudarshan Thapa Arrested Over ‘Prasad 2’ Controversy

June 3, 2024
Sudarshan Thapa

Film director Sudarshan Thapa has been taken into custody by the Maligaon police. He was arrested on Monday afternoon and subsequently transferred to the police circle, according to authorities.

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The arrest is related to the ongoing controversy surrounding the film ‘Prasad 2’.

Thapa was apprehended at the Royal Empire Hotel in Baluwatar, where he was preparing to commence the second phase of filming for his new project ‘Rawayan’.

Producers Sudarshan Basnet and Jack Shrestha complained to Thapa at the District Police Complex in Kathmandu on July 26 of last year. They accused him of fraud and criminal treachery, alleging that he screened ‘Prasad 2’ both domestically and internationally without their permission and used the earned Rs. 15 million amount.

Thapa’s arrest has halted the planned shooting of ‘Rawayan’, which was scheduled to start today.

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