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Diarrhea Outbreak Kills Child, Sickens Nine in Palpa, Nepal

April 1, 2024
Diarrhea Palpa

A diarrhea outbreak in Juthapauwa, Palpa, Nepal has resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl and caused illness in nine others. The deceased, Sunita Budhathoki, passed away at her home on Friday.

The outbreak appears to have centered around two families in the village:

  • The Budhathoki family: Tikaram Budhathoki, his wife, and their five children all contracted diarrhea. Five members sought treatment at Mission Hospital; two have since returned home.
  • The Jogi Kunwar family: Sita Kunwar and Padam Bahadur Jogi Kunwar also became ill. Both received treatment, with Sita being treated at Lumbini Medical College Prabhas and Padam Bahadur at Mission Hospital.

A health team led by Rishabh Pandey, head of the Juthapauwa health post, has been deployed to the village to investigate the cause of the outbreak and assist with treatment.

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