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CIB Clean Sweep: 4 Inspectors Axed After Report

March 24, 2024
CIB Clean Sweep

Four police inspectors previously working in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) have been transferred to different posts. These transfers follow the submission of a report by the Gold Smuggling Investigation Commission, which recommended action against several CIB officers.


  • Inspector Suresh Khatri: Transferred to police headquarters.
  • Inspector Ranjit Lama: Transferred to police headquarters.
  • Inspector Wakil Singh: Transferred to Nepal Police Armed Police Force No. 1.
  • Inspector Krishna Shrestha: Transferred to guard rank.

New Assignments:

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  • Inspector Raju Adhikari: Transferred to CIB. Adhikari previously investigated the case of fake Bhutanese refugees.
  • Inspector Gajendra Rawal: Transferred to CIB from the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office. Rawal is known for excellence in crime investigation and technical analysis.

The Gold Smuggling Investigation Commission submitted its report to Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane on Chaitra 1. The Commission recommended departmental action against several CIB officers involved in mishandling gold smuggling investigations, leading to the transfers.

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