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Ceasefire Talks Between Israel and Hamas Stall in Egypt

May 6, 2024
Israel and Hamas

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas aimed at brokering a ceasefire in Gaza and securing the release of Israeli hostages failed to make progress in Cairo, Egypt this weekend.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas commander Ismail Haniyeh traded blame after the inconclusive talks on Sunday. Shortly after the discussions ended without a resolution, a rocket strike targeted a police station in the border area between Israel and Gaza.

The attack killed three Israeli soldiers and injured several others, according to the Israeli government. In retaliation for the rocket fire, Israeli forces carried out airstrikes in Gaza.

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The Hamas negotiating team is now headed to Qatar to consult with the group’s senior leadership and update them on the stumbling blocks in the Egypt-mediated talks. U.S. officials, including CIA Director William Burns, are also expected in Qatar as diplomatic efforts continue.

Violence flared in the aftermath of the failed negotiations. Rockets targeted the Kerem Shalom crossing where humanitarian aid is brought into Gaza, as well as the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza.

Meanwhile, mass protests took place in Tel Aviv, with Israelis demanding their government secure the release of hostages held by Hamas. The status of kidnapped Nepalese national Bipin Joshi, who was captured after an attack on Israel, remains unknown.

The breakdown in ceasefire discussions raises concerns about a potential escalation of hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza. Regional powers are expected to intensify diplomacy to revive the peace process.

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