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Can Sandeep Denied US Visa Still Play in West Indies for World Cup?

The deadline for Lamichhane's inclusion (May 31st) has passed.
June 3, 2024
spinner Sandeep Lamichhane

A major question hangs over Nepal’s T20 World Cup campaign: will star spinner Sandeep Lamichhane be able to participate in the matches held in the West Indies, despite being denied a US visa twice?

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Lamichhane’s absence from the US leg of the tournament is a significant blow. However, there’s a flicker of hope for his involvement in the West Indies matches scheduled for June 15th and 17th.

The Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) is exploring options to get him to the West Indies. One possibility involves traveling via the UK, but securing the necessary visas presents a hurdle.

Direct flights from Nepal to the West Indies are unavailable, requiring transit through the US or UK, both of which demand separate visas. While Lamichhane previously held these visas, their revocation due to a legal case necessitates a fresh application.

ICC Permission and CAN’s Efforts

Anticipating the US visa issue, CAN obtained permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to include Lamichhane in the squad with the option to replace a player if the visa came through. Although the ICC offered flexibility, the deadline for Lamichhane’s inclusion (May 31st) has passed. A new ICC permission would be needed if the West Indies option becomes viable.

External Pressures and Time Constraints

CAN faced pressure from women’s organizations and politicians to influence the US embassy’s decision. Similar lobbying at the British Embassy is a possibility.

Despite the challenges, time remains on Nepal’s side. With 13 days before their first West Indies match, obtaining a visa remains the biggest obstacle. CAN sources cautiously estimate a 40% chance of Lamichhane playing in the West Indies.

Nepali cricket fans eagerly await further developments, hoping their star player can join the team and showcase his skills on the world stage.

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