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Bir Hospital Offers Free Brain Tumor Surgery for One Month in Observance of World Brain Tumor Day

June 9, 2024
Bir Hospital

In honor of World Brain Tumor Day (June 8th), Bir Hospital is offering free brain tumor surgery for one month, according to a statement from Prof. Dr. Rajiv Jha, Founder President of the National Brain Tumor Center and Senior Neurosurgeon at Bir Hospital.

The initiative aims to raise awareness and improve access to treatment for brain tumors. From June 8th to June 30th, patients seeking brain tumor surgery at Bir Hospital will receive a 100% discount on the operation fee.

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“Despite advancements in medical science, diagnosing and treating brain tumors remains complex,” Dr. Jha acknowledged. “This program aims to stimulate brain tumor research, enhance patient care, and offer support to those affected.” Early detection and timely treatment are crucial in minimizing the impact of this disease, Dr. Jha emphasized.

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